Spirit of the Mountains

Private Collection - Part of the proceeds went to support the Montana Land Reliance.

Language often gives us clues about how different cultures think about the world and itís creatures. The Spanish conquistidors called him the cat of one color, which can be seen in its taxonomic name (Felis concolor). He is known in different parts of the country as puma, catamount, panther, painter, mt. lion, and cougar. The Nez Perce tribe calls this cat Nashtoytsa; which means Spirit of the Mountains. This last description implies a different kind of relationship with the land and this amazing animal. There is the implication of a spiritual connection, and we often learn from things we revere. Nature is an excellent teacher if we take the time to be good students. Ask yourself this; do you want to get to know and learn from, the cat of one color, or the Spirit of the Mountains. Iíll take the latter.