Sol Duc Falls (Western Tanager)


This waterfall is located in Olympic National Park in Washington state. It is a magical place of great diversity from rocky coastline,old growth temperate rainforests, all the way to glacier capped peaks. It can be sunny up in the mountains and raining near the coast at the same time. I especially liked hiking into this waterfall on a pleasant September day. The journey took me through an old growth forest that soothed me with its cool, oxygenated, air and an amazing array of mosses, lichens, and other understory plants. Squirrels chattered, birds sang, and millipedes crawled, noticing me, but then returning to the business of their lives. Eventually I came upon a rocky gorge with a small wooden bridge across it. It seemed out of place at first in the middle of this forest to have a cataract nearly 30 feet deep and at least as wide. The view here presented is looking down at the falls from the bridge. The western tanager that shares this habitat made an excellent color harmony with the cool blues of the falling water into the depths of the small canyon below.