Passing Storm

Private Collection

"Passing Storm" 9"x12" Oil by Brett Thuma Private Collection This painting was sold at the Hockaday Museum Spring Auction of Miniatures 2008 some of the proceeds from it went to support the Hockaday Museum. The idea for this piece came from a visit to Ulm Pishkun State Park South of Great Falls, MT. The park has a cliff used by Native Americans to stampede bison over the edge. This "buffalo jump" site has been used for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. Several lodges were near the cliffs with passing storm clouds in the background. I looked up an authentic Blackfoot design that had bison as a main theme which I felt added another dimension to the story . To me it captures the connection between humans and intact landscapes. Native peoples adjusted themselves to the landscape far better than we who adjust the landscape to our needs, often with unforeseen consequences.