Morning at 
Two Dog Flats

Private Collection

Iíve had a big interest in native plants, and prairies in particular, for a long time. Many people think of them as boring grassy areas- flyover country. Look more closely and youíll find a wide array of cool season, warm season grasses, and incredible flowers. This scene is an early morning at Two Dog Flats on the East side of Glacier near St. Maryís Lake. This is a favorite part of the park for me because of the richness of species that live here. Prairie transitions to Aspen, to conifers, then on up to alpine tundra. Elk, deer, grizzlies, coyotes, Columbian ground squirrels, eagles, hawks, mt. bluebirds, meadowlarks, and many other species can be seen here if youíre patient and visit at the right times.