Continental Breakfast

Private Collection

This painting is based on an experience a friend of mine and I had on the Hidden Lake trail at Logan Pass in Glacier. As is typical of the Continental Divide the weather changed frequently - in this case, every minute or two! Fog changed to swirling mist with patches of sun, then snow, rain, and sun again. It was an amazing way to start the day! A grizzly had been nearby based on the excavations we found. We saw it later that day which inspired this piece. Grizzlies have so often been portrayed as angry, snarling monsters that many myths and fears are perpetuated about them unnecessarily. Accordingly, I make it a point to show these magnificent creatures behaving in ways that Iíve personally observed. Generally I see them going about the business of digging roots, grazing, hunting ground squirrels, or elk calves. Yes they are powerful; and they have killed people from time to time, but the grizzly once roamed from the Missouri River to the California coast and into Mexico. Now they exist in greater Yellowstone and the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem (this area) at 1 or 2% of their historic numbers. The grizzly has far more to fear from manís activities than we do from the bearís. I feel fortunate to share this landscape with them.